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Jackie Ryan Patterson - Pembroke History Rewritten

Jackie Patterson is a native of Pembroke and lived for twenty years in Michigan. When her husband retired in 1985, they moved to the Ottawa Valley. Jackie became active with the Upper Ottawa Valley Genealogical Group, serving on the board in various capacities, including Librarian. She also served as Archivist for the Ottawa Valley Historical Society Archives, located in the Champlain Trail Museum. She found that living away from the valley, then returning, gave her a fresh perspective on its history.

Searching in contemporary sources turned up some surprises. Jackie began documenting Pembroke’s early history and found that accepted facts did not jibe with her research. Unbelievably, no writer had taken on the task of putting Pembroke’s early history into book form. Attempting to persuade local writers to take on the task, she offered her services as researcher, but, alas, no takers. As a result, she decided to compile her research and publish a book – “Pembroke, A Glimpse Into the Past” - covering the period before Pembroke was incorporated as a town.

Incorporated Village of Pembroke extended its borders in 1864 allowing the Renfrew County Buildings to be with the Village borders.