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German language courses

"The teacher was very helpful and did an amazing job."

"Enjoyed course, lots of opportunity and encouragement to speak."

"Excellent. Would like another course more advanced in the near future."

"Approach to teaching material was good and appropriate for a beginner's German class, given varied backgrounds of students. Class was clean and equipment was good."

"Excellent instructor with obvious prior experience teaching a language. She made the course fun and was extemely helpful and open to answer any questions. "

"Absolutely amazing experience."

"The teacher was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. No one felt intimidated."

"Beautiful campus - very clean. Staff are very accommodating and helpful."

Check out the two levels of German language training at LAN7013 Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Introduction to Basic German and the next level LAN7014 Wir Sprechen Deutsch - German for Advanced Beginners